Niagara Pool Closings

Each year hundreds of homeowners trust Pool Busters to winterize their swimming pools. Our experienced staff will take the time to ensure no water is left in vulnerable locations to expand and cause damage in the winter months.  


2023 Pricing

Area 1 - Fonthill, Welland, Fenwick

Safety Cover - $309.99
Traditional / Beaded Cover - $349.99

Area 2 - St. Catharines, Niagara Falls

Safety Cover - $329.99
Traditional / Beaded Cover - $369.99

Area 3 - Fort Erie, Port Colborne, NOTL, Beamsville, Jordan

Safety Cover - $349.99
Traditional / Beaded Cover - $399.99

Customer responsible for cleaning of pool prior on Standard Pool Closings.

Closing Chemical kit not included.

Deluxe Closing Kit: $49.99 (includes 1L Algaecide, 1L Stain & Scale, 1kg Oxidizer)

Premium Closing Service  +$100.00


  • Discharge vacuuming of any debris in pool using our Independent Vacuum System.
  • Removal of autumn leaves.


Next available appointment is October  18th


Other Winterizing Services

Salt Cell Cleaning: +$49 (includes cleaning product)

Solar Cover Winterizing: +$49

Solar Panel Winterizing: +$59 (we do not climb onto roofs)

Water Feature Winterization: +$59 single, +$25 each after (deck jets up to 4 as single)


Standard Pool Closing Includes:

Closing Checklist 

☑ Water lowered below skimmer 

☑ Skimmer vacuumed & blown out 

☑ All returns vacuumed & blown out 

☑ Skimmers and main drain capped 

☑ All returns capped 

☑ Diving board removed 

☑ Diving board bolts covered 

☑ Ladder removed 

☑ Lights removed from niche and submerged 

☑ Return nozzles removed 

☑ All anchors ascended 

☑ Pump vacuumed and plugs removed 

☑ Filter drain plug removed 

☑ Pressure gauge removed 

☑ Glass jar removed 

☑ Filter set to winterize 

☑ Heater blown out 

☑ Thermostat disconnected 

☑ Gas valve turned to off position 

☑ Breaker panels turned off 

☑ Cartridge filters removed 

☑ Closing kit added to water 

☑ Chlorinator vacuumed out and left upside down 

☑ Expansion bottle left in skimmer 

☑ Expansion bottles floating on water 

☑ Salt cell disconnected 

☑ Safety cover securely fastened 

☑ Waterbags securely placed on cover 



Niagara Pool Closings - Schedule today on a pool closing!