6 YR.  12 Mil  Blue  20x40 Solar Blanket

6 YR. 12 Mil Blue 20x40 Solar Blanket

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Midwest 20'x40' Rectangle Inground 12mil Solar Blanket

Product #:MID-70-5014

Mfg. Part #:P172040

Your solar blanket must be installed on the pool with the bubble side down. If trimming is necessary, allow the blanket to rest on the pool until the packing folds have straightened. Initial cut should be slightly larger due to sun exposure. Precision trimming may be necessary to ensure a perfect fit. be very careful not to cut the liner if you have a vinyl lined pool. The blanket should not overlap the pool sidewall to prevent wind infiltration under the blanker.

You should monitor the level of chlorine below 3 parts per million (PPM). When shocking pool, keep the blanket off for at least 24 hour. Damage caused by excessive chlorine exposure (patches of brittle, flaked bubbles) is excluded from this warranty.

You can clean your cover using a mild detergent, water and a sort brush. A clean cover will perform much better. Store your cover away from rodents and avoid areas where temperature can reach 1200F.

When used properly, your solar blanket will provide maximum heat by day and insulate by night. Temperature will rise by 10F or more. The blanket will keep pool clean, reduce chemical usage and result in water conservation.