Pool Openings

Each year over 200 homeowners task Pool Busters to open their swimming pools.  

Standard Pool Openings Includes:

  • Cover removal, cleaning & storage. 
  • Summerize all winterizing devices. Anchors, plugs, 
  • Setup pool equipment. Pump, Filter, Salt Chlorinator, Heater, Automation  
  • Poolside equipment is reinstalled. Rails, Ladders, Lights,  (does not include drop in steps)
  • Test all systems for functionality. (water must be at operable level)
  • Add chemical dosage as needed.
  • Solar System Startups + $50 (we do not climb on roofs)

2021 Pricing

Area 1 - Fonthill, Welland, Fenwick

Safety Cover - $279.99
Traditional / Beaded Cover - $309.99

Area 2 - St. Catharines, Grimsby, Niagara Falls

Safety Cover - $299.99
Traditional / Beaded Cover - $329.99

Area 3 - Fort Erie, Port Colborne

Safety Cover - $329.99
Tradional / Beaded Cover - $359.99

(Up to 2 hours of debris removal is included in each Traditional Opening)

Premium Start Up Cleaning Service 


  • Up to two follow-up visits by Maintenance
  • Skim all surface debris. Scrub walls. 
  • Shock water. Includes up to 20L of Liquid chlorine.
  • Waste vacuum all bottom debris with use of our IVS
  • Rinse filter elements. 
  • Waterline scrub, Rail cleaning
  • Extended power wash of deck and accessories.